Chapter 1

Our story begins on a chilly autumn afternoon

at the Hotel Underspell.

(CLICK to find 12 treats hidden in the picture above)

Edward and Emma have been hiding under the front porch.

Hiding is usually a smart thing to do at the Hotel Underspell –

but today, even more so.


Today, the twins have been assigned to “cobweb crew.”

Cobweb crew is awful work.

First, you have to sweep away LOTS of big, dusty spider webs.

This tends to ANNOY lots of big, dusty spiders.


Then you put up fake cobwebs and plastic spiders.

According to the owners of the Hotel,  the real spiders and webs are horribly  disgusting,

while the fake variety are perfectly adorable.

 Emma and Edward doubt this.

But it’s rude to argue with your own parents. Even if you suspect they’re a little nutty.

That’s how the twins came to be hiding under the porch

when the strange events began.


Emma was busy pulling fake cobwebs from her hair and

Edward was busy getting live spiders out of his pockets,

when a very odd thing happened.