Castle Mysterium

the board game

Game Instructions


Explore the Castle Mysterium website and you’ll find everything

you need to play the Castle Mysterium board game!


Start with the Game Board

Level One


Each time a new part of the Castle appears,

you’ll find a new Chapter of the story on the website,

new places to explore

and a new Game Board!


Each Game Board can be played as a separate game,

But you can also JOIN them to make a BIGGER game!


As the Castle grows, so will your Game Board!

Just print them out and tape them together.


You’ll also find:


Trading Cards

Game Pieces/Tokens

Fortune Spinners


Once you have these pieces, you can start the game.


To Play:

Each player selects a Game Token and places it

On the game board at the START – the Hotel Underspell.


Divide the Trading Cards evenly among the players.


Youngest player starts first by using the “ASK EMMA” fortune spinner.

Type in the player’s name and CLICK the “ASK EMMA” button.

Emma will tell you how many places you may move ahead.


Emma may also say

“Let’s ask the CARDS!”


The player may then challenge any other player to a “duel.”


Each player places a card, face down on the table.

Both players flip their cards over at the same time.

The winner keeps BOTH cards AND moves ahead one square.


If a player lands on “ASK EDWARD”, use Edward’s Fortune Spinner for an extra turn.


The first player to reach the end wins!