It’s freaky!

It’s FUN!

It’s an adventure game in a website!




There ARE none!


It’s a spooky, action-packed treasure hunt!

Explore the haunted castle

Dig up downLOADS of TREASURE

Discover the strange secrets of

Castle Mysterium


If you find treasure – you keep it!

If you meet something with GIGANimous teeth…RUN!

(not a rule – just a friendly suggestion!)

Start at Chapter One,

as Emma and Edward Underspell

receive a strange package

…from the past.


Here’s where things get, uh….interesting.


CLICK around and see what you can find.

There’s tons of hidden loot –

Trading cards and game boards

downloadable gizmos, toys & gear….


And that’s just the FIRST Chapter!


Each time a NEW Chapter gets added to the site,

there’s a whole new part of the Castle to explore –

not to mention wicked new stuff to find!


…and CLUES!

If you find a KEY CLICK IT!

Gather the CLUES & help solve the Mystery of Castle Mysterium!


the Light House of the Genie

the Tower of  Merlin

the Dungeons of Fyre & Ize

the Observatory of Atlantis

…those are just a FEW of the places to explore!


The strange story of the Castle Mysterium is about to be told…

…and YOU’re part of it!



(you can read the instructions now, or come back to them any time)


GETTING AROUND: Start at Chapter One. Scroll down to read the story,

or CLICK on the BOOK to listen to the story.



Above the story, CLICK on any part of the PICTURE and see what happens!

You might find a clue, or get a trading card or win a ringtone or…

well, you’ll just have to find out!


At the bottom of each PAGE, you’ll see an ARROW:

CLICK the arrow to go to the next page.

Uh…don’t go just yet – we still have more to tell you!


GETTING STUFF: As you explore, you’ll find LOTS of cool stuff.

It’s all free, so just CLICK to download.


CLUES: If you find a KEY – it’s a CLUE! CLICK it!


PRINTING STUFF: If you have a printer, you can print out

Game boards, Trading Cards, Mini-books, and LOTS of other

Treasures you’ll find hidden inside the Castle Mysterium!


Most of the printable pages are PDF files.


GAMES: The whole website is a game, but you’ll soon discover games within the game!

There’s a trading card and board game. Pieces of the game are hidden all over the Castle!

You’ll also find smaller games and puzzles if you go exploring!


STORY: Each new Chapter of the website is also a new Chapter of

the strange and spooky story of Castle Mysterium.


CLUES: Be on the lookout for clues to help Emma and Edward Underspell

find their uncle and solve the mystery of the Castle!

Clues will also give you hints about what’s coming up in the next Chapter!


Happy Hunting!