Who’s Behind




It’s those silly kids, Joe Clasen & Susan Ishida!

They’re the Emmy Award-winning animation team

who’ve helped bring tons of toons to film & TV.

Like who? Like Jimmy Neutron, Casper & the Ghostly Trio,

the Addams Family, Marvel’s superhero, the Silver Surfer and the anime series,

Xyber9. They’ve even made a GIANT SCREEN  animated 3D IMAX movie

 called Santa vs. the Snowman and now they’re making new,

animated WORLDS inside the WONDERLENS!


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Joe’s stats: http://us.imdb.com/

Susan’s stats: http://us.imdb.com/


Joe & Susan are always available for interviews, knock-knock jokes and highly unreliable psychic advice!


Contact Joe at: surferjoe@wonderlens.com

Contact Susan at: susan@wonderlens.com