Strange Sightings

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Let the Sightings Begin!


A Sentient Sentry captured during the current invasion!


Summer Vacation looking through the Wonderlens


Alien Summer Vacation submission




See! I told you guys that Earthlings hatch from eggs!

(Kayla & Chris, Earth)

-posted by Poly-256, Robotic Tour Guide




A “Brain Jumper from the Alien Garden!”  

-posted by Christopher, age 4, California, Earth




Ok folks, this is exactly why we need to install some kind of “screen door” on the Wonderlens receivers – especially the DVD receivers we’re selling on Earth. Aliens are flying right through televisions and computer screens!

We don’t want another alien invasion like the one we accidentally started on eBay a few years ago. Thank god the Earthlings still think those tourists from the Furby Nebula are just really smart toys.

-posted by: Dr. Thicklens Gravenstein, CEO, Wonderlens






Snapshot of the Wonderlens Aquarium of the Aliens taken on opening day. Took this on my way in to work.

-posted by: Max Darkstar, WARP field research team




I’m very happy with my new Wonderlens DVD. The aliens are friendly. Maybe too friendly. How do I get them to go back home?

-posted by Robert, Long Beach, CA





Caught Poly sneaking in late to work! Hey, come to think of it, that’s not such a strange sight!

-posted by: Anita Nebula, Wonderlens Humanoid Resources, Asst. Director





We’ve had a lot of VIP guests over the last few days, mostly from Earth. A whole group just came over from Anime Expo. They’re not technically allowed in the employees lounge, but I really don’t see the harm. They seem like a fun bunch. I did spot some Ionian Eels trying to sneak food out of the kitchen, though. I’m having a couple of the new Palm Gazers stationed as security guards. The Sentient Sentries will be arriving on the next shuttle and they’re supposed to be a top notch security team.

-posted by:Anita Nebula, Humanoid Resources, Asst. Director.





Hey everybody! Thanks from the whole WARP team for the great welcome home party! Hey, is it me, or do we have a lot of “civilians” sneaking into the lounge? Mostly humans, I think. No biggie, just wondering if they’re new employees or if we need to beef up park security.

-posted by MaxDarkstar, WARP field research team





Hi Max! Welcome home - sorry about that methane cream pie at your Bon Voyage party. I swear, somebody told me it was your favorite! Must have been one of the Gelgians from the Thrill Ride zone - you know what jokers they are! Anyway - see you at lunch. I need to go find something called “chocolate chips” - I figure silicon chips will probably taste the same. Just kidding!

-posted by Chef Fugu, Wonderlens Terrace Café





Welcome back Max! Bring your team over to the employee lounge at lunchtime - Chef Fugu from the Terrace Café is baking something special to welcome you guys home! Don’t worry - I already spoke to him and told him humanoids don’t seem to like his methane cream pies. He’s got an Earth recipe for something called “chocolate cake”.

-posted by POLY-256, Robotic Tour Guide




Hey there! Our team just got back today from the 2D moons of Anime Prime. Gorgeous place! I posted some photos. The locals are called Besmous - really nice folks. They’re already arranging tour groups to come visit us during their next lunar vacation season. Can’t wait for you all to meet them!

-posted by MaxDarkstar, WARP field research team




Good news, WARP crew! The new employees lounge at the back of the park is now open! As you may remember, this was originally a robots-only lounge, but WL management has decided to open it to all park employees and their guests. For the sake of you non-bots, I hope they plan to serve more than motor oil and hydraulic fluid! See you at Happy Hour!

-posted by POLY-256, Robotic Tour Guide




This morning we spotted a group of odd-looking palm trees over by Terrace Café construction site. They turned out to be very rare Palm Gazers - a naturally telepathic life form! They heard about WL and came to check us out. They seem pretty enthusiastic, so we hired them all. Will start as waiters once the Café opens, but who knows? Telepaths always seem to come in handy.

-posted by:Anita Nebula, Humanoid Resources, Asst. Director.