We don’t know much about them,

How they live or eat or sleep.

We don’t know whether they have eyes or elbows, ears or feet.


We think they’re made of glowing gas, we think they swim, like sharks.

We think they talk among themselves with fireworks and sparks.


They’re playful…or at least we think so, judging by their habits.

But then we call them gas bunnies and they don’t look like rabbits.


We’ve tried to talk with them before, with sparklers and flares.

We lit a roman candle once, but only got blank stares.


We thought we’d sent a greeting in their language, bright and glowing.

But maybe we said something rude. There’s just no way of knowing.


We’re still not sure they even talk, although it seems they do.

I hope we didn’t make them mad, I just can’t tell. Can you?


Sometimes I think I see them talking

Sometimes even fighting

But maybe I’ve imagined it, or maybe it’s the lighting.


Most people say that Vapor Weeds are complicated creatures

And that we’ll never understand their strange and alien features.


But if we watch them carefully and keep an open eye

At least we’ll learn a little more. I think it’s worth a try.