These aliens with hearts of fire, they tumble in a row

They burn like tiny volcanoes, they sizzle, pop and glow.


At first you think, they’re only rocks, how hot can these things get?

My dears, a million times hotter than any charcoal briquette.


They’d melt a car a block away, melt sidewalks into goop,

They’d burn the clouds out of the sky, heat oceans into soup!


But please, fear not, they do not wish to harm in any way

And so the planet of their birth is where they tend to stay.


But now and then they do get bored and long to make new friends

And so they travel, not by ship, but through the Wonderlens.


It’s safe for you to meet them now

But then, we are still learning


So welcome them! But let us know

If anything starts burning.


We wouldn’t want to melt your house or vaporize your planet

The Wonderlens is still so new, we’d hate for Earth to ban it!


So let us know, if you start to glow

Or if anything ignites


We’d hate for any harm to come

From  these volcanic sprites


And if there’s trouble, melting, flaming

Let us know…What is it?


And we’ll all figure out what’s safe…

Before their parents visit