As furry as kittens as soft as a stocking

But something about them is really quite shocking


You donít want to pet them, the mere thought is frightening

For Thorís Hamsters are little bundles of lightning!


From their toes to their noses they crackle and spark

And their helmets create an electrical arc.


They canít really help it, for worse or for better

Itís like rubbing balloons on a fuzzy wool sweater.


Itís hard to get round when youíre skittering and skimming

And with all that lightning they donít dare try swimming.


But once in a while some one comes to their aid.

Without being asked and without being paid.


Itís like magic, you know, when you help some one out.

When you make trouble vanish! Thatís what magicís about.


And out there in space when you feel all alone

Itís nice to know some one will help you get home.


And even at home, a good deed is worth trying.

Itís wonderful feeling Öitís almost like flying!