At first you might not like their looks

They’ve got long fangs and stings


You might not like the way they sound,

they buzz, but don’t have wings.


But don’t be fooled

these swarms of stingers aren’t so bad at all


You may have thought they came to fight,

But it’s a social call.


They come to talk about the rings of Saturn, where they’re known

They come to learn about new worlds with new rings of their own.


There’s music in the rings of Saturn

But it only plays


When Stinger Fangs touch on those rings

The planet’s own DJs!


You play a planet’s rings you hear the sounds of new worlds hatching

The music with the biggest bang, you hear creation scratching.


The mysteries of the galaxies, lie hidden in those tunes

In melodies created with the planets, stars and moons.


And secrets hidden in the songs, things that we never knew

and answers to all questions, and all of them are true.


You could listen for a  hundred years and hardly hear a thing

But if you knew just where to listen, you’d hear planets sing.


They’d sing about when they were born, when galaxies were forming

When oceans boiled and mountains grew and clouds of gas were storming.


They’d sing in languages no living soul has ever heard

But if you knew just how to hear them, you’d know every word.


It’s all a mystery, this music, but it’s got a beat

It’s steady as a pounding heart, you feel it in your feet.


And only through the fangs of Saturn’s Stingers are we able

To know if life began here or on some other turntable.