When Regroupers travel, they stick to each other

An uncle, some cousins and aunt or a brother


They form one whole body with arms, legs and feet

That can fly through the air or just walk down the street.

Itís a very good system if youíre on the top

Cause the head gets to ride, while the feet have to walk.


But when they go off on their separate ways

Itís hard to tell which parts run off and who stays


When you meet a Regrouper try not to be shocked

If his knees and his head wander off for a walk


You can always still chat with his arms or his belly

Theyíre mostly the same, just big bubbles of jelly


And when it is time to depart, they regroup.

And form one large body of wobbly goop


Youíll see them at movies, youíll see them here too

But always together, whatever they do


Cause the Regroupers know, with their wiggly troop

They can buy just one ticket, but come as a group.