They look so bright and silky you might want to pet their wings,
But please do not, because thereís poison in their deadly stings.

Itís hard to think that such a pretty thing could harm so much,
But travelers learned long ago to look, but not to touch.

Naiads are gently, friendly souls, like angels of deep space,
They guide lost ships, give aid to all, no matter what their race.

To see a flock of Naiads drift on airy wings of light
Is to imagine what a song would look like as a sight.

To hear the shimmering voices of the Naiads all night long.
Is to know what wonder sounds like if it could become as a song.

So take comfort in the Naiads even though they canít draw near
And know that they watch over you, and that you need not fear.

And when you dream, dream of the Naiads, drifting through the sky.
And in your dreams theyíll sing to you a Naiad lullabye.