From the darkness of space they come, flashing and strobing

You might find them frightening, their gaze is quite probing.


Their hair isn’t snakes…they can’t turn you to stone

But the scary thing is, they won’t leave you alone!


Their face is a camera, their eye is a lens.

They just want to share snapshots with family and friends.


They’re flashbulbs freeze subjects who won’t stop to pose,

And they startle the rest with their blinding bright clothes.


Their photos speak for them, their greeting’s a flash.

They speak using snapshots, use pictures for cash.


They’ll often chase after some unwilling stranger

A hobby that frequently puts them in danger.


Some creatures are shy and don’t like to be followed.

It’s good to know which, to avoid being swallowed.


Their vacation photos can weigh a full ton.

That’s how they remember they had so much fun.