As faint a whisper

As still as a mouse

They lurk in the darkness

Perhaps in your house?


Whatís that? Did you see one?

You felt it go by.

Or maybe it was just a trick of the eye.


But look in the corner

And donít be surprised

If you see a shadow

A shadow with eyes!


Oh yes, thatís a Lampyre,

Who feeds on the light

Who gobbles up sunshine

And turns day to night.


They give you the shivers

These wisps of the night

These strange living shadows, with eyes glowing bright


But even a Lampyre must flee from the dawn

But theyíll return later, when we are all gone.


When we are at school or at work or at play

The Lampyres will come back on some other day.


To lurk in the dark cornersÖitís what they do best

Or maybe to come build a small Lampyre nest.


You donít want them nesting right under your bed.

You donít want them whispering under your head.


Or feel their eyes peering from somewhere below

Or feel their cold breath from your ankle to toe.


So open your curtains and let in the dawn!

And next thing you know, all those Lampyres are gone.