Like the flitting fireflies of Earth

Or the Lava Lampustules that glow,

 Illumoths light their merry way, they’re very nice to know.


When you travel with Illumoths, you’ll always find your way

Their glowing wings and lightbulb tails turn darkness into day.


When you play Illumoth games you’ll always win at hide and seek.

They’re glowing wings give them away – you needn’t even peek.


But you’ll never win Illumoth tag, they’re much too fast in flight.

And you’ll never see Illumoths get in any kind of fight.


They’re very gentle creatures, which is why we like them so

And they’re nice for slumberparties cause they’re nightlights, don’t you know?


So if you want to make Illumoth friends, here’s what to do.

Put out a dish of moonlit milk and let them come to you.


It’s best to do at the full moon, the moonlight’s freshest then.

And if they come and lap it up, well then, you’ve made a glowing friend.