You probably know that it’s not nice to spit.

It’s rude and your mother won’t like it one bit.

Unless…she’s a GlowSpitter

And you’re one too.

In which case, well, spitting is just what you’d do.


The glowspitters spit glows a lot, quite a bit.

And that’s how you the glow…you’ve been hit.


Not that hitting each other with spit is encouraged

No, frivolous spitting is strictly discouraged.


Now the reason glowspitters spit is that the glowing

Of spit that they’ve spattered shows them where they’re going.


Their spit marks the spot so they know by the glow

That to follow their spit is to find their way home.


But too many spit spots spit not where they ought

Can confuse other spitters, it happens a lot.


So every glow spitter must follow his nose

And spit only to spot where a spitter trail goes.


And hitting that spot with their spit so it glows

Takes some practice as every adult spitter knows.


You can spit quite a bit and still not hit the spot

That you wanted to hit, tho you spit quite a lot.


It’s more than just spitting and hitting and glowing,

There’s secrets to hitting while spitting worth knowing.


So young spitters practice their spitting and glowing

They learn how to aim and  to know where they’re going.


And every Glowspitters must learn not to spit

On other Glowspitters, not one tiny bit.


That’s not why the GlowSpitters have glowing spit

That’s rude. And their mother won’t like it one bit.