Wherever you’re from,

Whatever planet of birth,

From the Moons of Sucrosium

To right here on Earth,


Chances are you’ve met Greys

Or seen signs they’ve been ‘round

From lights in the sky or strange marks on the ground.


Greys get around.

Their saucers are fast.

By the time they’ve been seen

They’ve already flown past.


But once in a while

They emerge from their ships,

Which shrink down to belts they can wear round their hips


Sometimes they cause trouble,

There’s always that chance.

But more times than not,

They’ve just come here to dance!


It’s a little known fact,

But most alien creatures

Despite their odd names and peculiar features


Love all types of music!

It calls to their feet.

And they’ll dance to most anything with a good beat.


But most treasured of all among Alien types

More than rock & roll, metal or even bagpipes,

Their music of choice, and it’s purely by chance

Is what, here on Earth. we call… the square dance.


Now, the Greys love to twirl, which is really not square,

So they call it a circle dance. I guess that’s fair.

They circle and spin and the fun never stops

Until they fly off, leaving circles in crops.