They’re really not monsters,

They’re really quite nice.

But Fungilas do have just one this one tiny vice.


They just looove to tinker. To tweak and to mix.

Even things that aren’t broken, they’ll still try to fix.


They’ll push any button they’ll press any key.

It’s just too bad they’re not much good…mechanically.


But show them a keyboard or give them some dials

or dangerous fluids in tempered glass vials


And they couldn’t be happier!  Really, they couldn’t.

Even though they’re about to do something they shouldn’t.


They’re a bit prone to panic, they’re not good with tools

They can’t read manuals or recall rules.


They’re easily baffled, but quite enterprising

Their results can be poor…but are always surprising!


So the moral, I guess…is that danger can lurk

When you meddle with things you don’t know how to work.


It’s good to be curious. But it’s good to use care.

And with alien machinery, always beware.


And luckily we learn from each other’s mistakes,

Those foolish decisions the “other guy” makes.


Don’t touch things that clearly are marked “do not touch”

I mean really, is that asking for so very much?