Have you ever seen a coral reef? They’re alive with wondrous creatures.

But they’d be green with envy to see a Castellar Reef’s features.


They’re tiny cities floating by, alive with tiny people

Who’ve carved these reefs with their own hands, each sandy tower and steeple.


And life onboard Castellar Reefs is like a fairy tale

You might think you were dreaming if you saw one setting sail.


There’s trumpeters and lords and ladies, knights ride on seahorses

There’s feasts that last a whole month long, you couldn’t count the courses!


A masquerade, a new parade perhaps a duel or two

There’s parties feast and jousts and games, there’s just so much to do.


And though it’s like a sandcastle, it travels like a ship.

There’s always parties, feasts and jousts, from tip to sandy tip.


A bigger castle? Towers and turrets? Want something more grand?

Just add them on, It’s fun it’s easy! ‘cause it’s only sand!



And every day right after lunch they hold a jousting match.

The best seahorse riders show up to see what prize they’ll catch.


Don’t be afraid, no one gets hurt

Maybe a little dizzy

It’s hard to reign a seahorse when it’s gotten in a tizzy.


Each sandy kingdom sends a rider, champion of his reef.

It’s quite a sport, the risks they take are just beyond belief


And now and then they’ll have a guest…a visit..a surprise

You’re always welcome onboard here, no matter what your size.


And though they may be small to us, Castellar Knights are brave

They guard their kingdoms and make sure all castle guests behave.


Yes, life aboard Castellar Reefs is really very sweet

And in these kingdoms live the nicest folk you’ll ever meet


But don’t cause trouble, spoil the party or get in the way,

Or you’ll find a Castellar knight at the end of your day.