What would you think, if in a blink, you could change to any shape?

You could be a boulder, look much older, be a starfish or an ape?


When you met some one new, what would you do?

Would you try to be his double?


Would he be glad or just get mad

And think youíre causing trouble?


Would it be kind to read peopleís minds?

What would you do with this strange power?


See their planet of birth, see a picture of earth?

Or a single little flower?


You might want to try to catch their eye

You might want to make them smile


You could make silly faces, most alien races

Find that most worthwhile.


Or maybe youíd go for some one they know

I think I know that smile?

He might be on TV. Does he live on my street?

Iíll have to think a while.


So what would you do, be a one-man zoo?

Be a man of a million disguises?


Would you scare your brother?

Could you fool your mother?

Life would be full of surprises.


What would people say,

if you could look any way?

Like clay, with no shape of your own?


Itís hard to say,

but itís all in play

so I guess weíll never know.