From the depths of space in the dead of night

A grim spaceship regatta


Too late, my dear. No time to run.

It’s here. The SS Piñata.


Feared throughout the galaxy, their warriors come gloating

They’re meaner than they look, you know. They’ve got this candy coating.


A landing party stays behind, to scout? To spy? To hide?

Another craft has landed. What terrors lurk inside?


A box of chocolates, or a bomb! It’s ticking no! It’s beating!

No wait…it’s not a bomb…it’s just a pre recorded greeting.


(pre recorded message)


But something’s wrong, they’re leaving now

What could have scared their leader?

Ah yes, their dreaded nemesis

The fearsome Trick or Treater.


But wait, that’s not a Trick or Treater

Yes, I know that face.

It’s just a Grey…the king of practical jokes out here in outer space.


And now a tiny Bo Peep Baby, free and on the run

Looks like this Grey has found another victim for his fun.


The Grey will find that Bo Peep mothers are not easily scared

Especially when they’re rounding up their kids, they are prepared.


The Bo Peep mother’s not amused. She’s got a child to find.

And to be safe she’ll just make sure no one gets left behind.