They’re mean…and they’re smelly.

They do like to shove.

Yes, it’s true, Battle Slugs aren’t easy to love.


There’s MukMuk, who’s sneaky but not good at thinking

And Zeebooo who’s Gassy, and quite good at stinking.


The score card goes by, Zeeboo’s taken the lead!

Not that Zeeboo can tell, ‘cause he really can’t read.


Now MukMuk comes crashing back into the room

But Zeeboo unleashes the Slug Gas of Doom


MukMuk takes cover, but Zeeboo takes aim

And MukMuk goes flying right out of the game.


But MukMuk returns, Zeeboo turns up the heat

It’s hard to say which of these slugs can be beat.


The fight rages on, though now we must stop

while our sponsor reminds us to drink soda pop.


Look out! Oh dear. It’s worse than I thought.

I think they just blew up our scorecard robot. 


What’s this? She’s ok! Just a bit overheated.

But I’d hate to be where those two poor slugs are seated!


Robots don’t like to get into the fight,

But try to explode one and maybe they might.


She doesn’t look happy…no definitely not

It’s best not to blow up a scorecard robot.


But MukMuk and Zeeboo are slimy and rotten

And that little accident’s already forgotten


But not by the robot They don’t forget much

But they will stop a fight. They do have the touch.


So MukMuk and Zeeboo will have a time out

While the judges decide what to do with this bout.


Perhaps a new fight for next month, or next year.

Or perhaps these two slugs will just start one right here.


Or maybe it really is time just settle

Or so says the lady who has the most metal.


Yes, MukMuk and Zeeboo have nothing to say

It’s hard to speak up while you’re running away


And what’s this? A winner! Well, who would have thought?

The new Battle Slug Champion, folks. The scorecard robot.