Bo Peeps

While traveling thru space you might meet the Bo Peeps.

They travel in flocks just like birds and most sheeps.

 There’s always a baby…one or two…three or four…

Five or six maybe seven and quite possibly more.


There’s Mother and Father Bo Peep standing guard,

But watching so many Bo Peeps can be hard!

The baby Bo Peeps like to run and to wriggle.

They play hide & seek and they jump and they giggle.


They bounce on the Sentry, they climb on the rock.

Poor Mother and Father have just lost their flock!

But grownup Bo Peeps always know what to do,

When traveling to parks, the museum or zoo.


They gather their children. It’s easy enough.

Rounding up 10 Bo Peeps couldn’t be very tough.

Bo Peeps are quite clever. They’ve got a space ship

That’s shaped like a lamb from it’s tail to nose tip.


It’s got special gizmos that find baby Peeps

And gathers them up, and then rocks them to sleep.

Now Mother and Father can go on their way. 

…until they find out that a few got away!