They can jump through space, and their mysterious kind

Can even jump into the space in your mind.


A nightmare to some and disturbing to most,

The Brain Jumper seeks always a brand-new brain host.


They’ll jump in your brain, much to your surprise

Just to see how the world looks to you, through your eyes.


It’s perfectly harmless, but not very nice,

Like having a brain-freeze from chewing on ice.


So please move yourself a step back or two,

Or the Brain Jumper will try to jump into you.


If experiencing dizziness, please try not to swoon.

The Jumper will leave your poor brain fairly soon.


It’s over. I hope that you haven’t been harmed…

Though it looks like the Jumper’s the one who’s alarmed.


Perhaps earthling brains are too strange or too new.

Or perhaps it’s not all human beings…just you.