They say there are black holes in space where giant stars went “poof”!

They say their gravity is strong, they think that they have proof!


Now gravity’s the thing that makes things fall down, not fall up

So balls can bounce and ice cubes drop ka-klink, into a cup.


But black hole gravity’s so strong that even light falls in it.

And even time drops in the hole, each day, each hour each minute!


Now black hole ferns live on the edge, like living on the beach.

The tide sweeps lost of things away, but they stay out of reach.


And as things go by, the Black Hole Fern can gobble them candy

That’s why they live along that edge, it comes in very handy.


Now if you ate that much your stomache would be mad at you.

But Black Hole Ferns just eat some more and grow a mile or two.


They grow so fast it’s frightening! They’re huge and they’re still growing!

But luckily we’ve learned a little something that’s worth knowing.


The Black Hole Fern can’t stand black light! Why? We just can’t say.

We only know it works to keep those growing ferns at bay.


And Black Hole Ferns are good in salad, sandwiches and stew.

The ferns say they don’t mind at all, so try a leaf or two.


And if you’re out in outer space and a star goes “poof!”, you see,

You can live on Black Hole Ferns…but watch out for that gravity.