Family Fun!

You can do more that watch Wonderlens. You can be part of the fun!




A great way to start is by watching the DVD’s “Guided Tour: Child”

Like an animated picture book, the story of each character unfolds in a new “Chapter”. When you’re ready to tell the story yourself, play the “General Admission” track.

You’ll find the words to the stories at:

Read Along




Memory Game

After you’ve watched the “Guided Tour”, play the “General Admission” track and see what you can remember from the Guided Tour.  What kind of gift do you think the Besmous will give you? How will the Thor’s Hamster get home? Why do you think the Greys came to visit?


Story Inventing

Now we’re ready to make up our own stories about the aliens! Which seem the friendliest? Which are the scariest? ? What do you think a Fungila Monster eats for lunch? What could you do to help a Thor’s Hamster? What would it be like to have a pet Luna Sleeper? What kind of birthday parties do you think the Besmous have? Have you ever seen a Lampyre

You can tell your stories aloud as you play the DVD, letting the animation inspire your imagination!


Older children can write down their stories and add their own artwork. Parents of younger children can help with the writing. You can share your stories and artwork with other Wonderlens kids by sending them to us at


Selected stories and pictures will be posted on our Strange Sightings page, seen by kids all over the world!






Here are some ideas for games you can play along with the DVD. You can play either the “Guided Tour: Child” or “General Admission” track.


Number & Colors with Baby Bo Peeps

Let’s count the Bo Peep babies! How many babies are there? How many of each color? Can you give them all names? Oops! Did Mother and Father Bo Peep forget anybody?



Brain Jumper Hide-and-Seek

Let’s play Hide & Seek with the Brain Jumper! Here he comes! Hide! Be very quiet so he can’t find you!  Now quick!  Jump out and surprise him!



Swim with the Lunas

Let’s all pretend to swim along with the Luna Sleepers! Now let’s pretend to fall asleep when they do. Did you know that you can even wear your own Luna Sleeper mask? It’s easy! There’s a version to print out and play with. It’s on the DVD or you can download it from It’s in the Shops on the Prizes and Surprises shelf! It’s free!

Or you can click on the link here:

After printing your mask, you can cut it out and wear it!

Tip for Mom & Dad: the Luna Sleepers is a great track to play just before bed or naptime. Let your own little Lunas fall asleep along with the characters.




Alien Arts & Crafts

Let the fun characters and colorful animation be your launch pad to creativity!


Alien Puppet Pets

Wouldn’t it be fun to have an alien pet? We can make our own! It’s easy!  Just draw any alien onto a plain paper plate. The funnier the better! You can use crayons, markers, paint…whatever you choose!

Now glue or tape a Popsicle stick for a handle. Now you’ve got an Alien Puppet Pet!  Now you and your alien pet can play along with all the other aliens inside the Wonderlens!


Castellar Reef Sandcastle

Let’s make a Castellar Reef sandcastle! You don’t have to go all the way to the beach! You can use clay or play dough or even building blocks to make your castle. Don’t forget to add the little people who live in the castle!


Castellar Reef Fortress

Wouldn’t it be great to live inside a Casteller reef? You can build your own Castellar Reef Fortress! You can use two chairs for the castle towers. Put a blanket on top for a roof. You can add walls to your fort with pillows or books. Now you can be the King or Queen of your own Castellar Kingdom!




The Bonus Attractions

These fun features are available on the DVD and/or the Wonderlens website.



Besmou Birthday Party

(it’s on both the DVD and website)


It’s a Besmou Birthday, just for you. It isn’t your birthday? Well, it is on Besmou!

Look at the presents! Which one will you pick? You can open them all. Just choose one and click!

You can have your own Besmou Birthday party anytime! Don’t forget the presents – at a Besmou party, everybody gets presents! You can give fun prizes from the website, like coloring pages, bracelets, masks and more. Free prizes are here:

And don’t forget to serve plenty of snacks! Besmous love snacks!


Feed the Aliens

(big version on DVD, mini version on website)

Let Poly, your robot tour guide help you offer snacks to the aliens! Yikes! Looks like they were hungry!


Castellar Café

(full version on DVD, mini version on website)

Want to try some alien foods? I’ll bet they never served anything like this at the school cafeteria!



(it’s on both the DVD and website)

W.A.R.P. stands for the Wonderlens Alien Research Project. This is where you can find out about all the different kinds of aliens! 


Select and Alien

(DVD only)

Do you have a favorite alien? You can go straight over to visit, using the “Chapters” on the DVD Bonus Attractions!



(Website only)

W.A.T.R. is the Wonderlens Alien Translating Robot. W.A.T.R. helps us talk to the new aliens we meet. Sometimes even W.A.T.R. get confused though. Can you help him figure out who sent us some very mysterious messages?


Prizes & Surprises!

Don’t forget to pick up some free prizes! There are wristbands and bracelets to print and wear, masks, coloring pages, puzzles and lots more! There’s always something new and it’s always free!